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California Fire Protection Inc has an experienced workforce that is intimately familiar with a vast array of fire suppression systems, so you always have the support you need and can depend on our experience and knowledge. We provide answers to your needs, covering every aspect of installation and maintenance.

We generally charge by the hour for our consulting services. However, some projects can be quoted at a fixed price. We often recommend to new clients that they consider this per-project option during an evaluation phase. New clients also use our hourly support when they need immediate 24 hour assistance.

Design Implementation

California Fire Protection Inc can help make sure you're getting the right system to match your fire requirements and objectives. We'll meet with you to fully understand your situation, budget, desires, time lines, and expectations. We'll even create and apply our services to prepare estimates on fire systems, and services to give you an idea of what you're spending for what you're getting before you take that next step.

Fire Suppression Systems

Knowing what you currently have and where you would like to go is the first priority in any goal. At California Fire Protection Inc, our service is the key to success in the fire protection  industry. We sit down with you and get an understanding of your business and objectives. We then gather all the relevant data as to how your current system is designed and configured. Afterward, we provide you with a solution to achieve your goals and objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner. As with any business, planning is key to success. At California Fire Protection Inc, we bring a range of experience across several industries to help you understand and define your fire protection needs.

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